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ICBC/MVA Rehabilitation

Whiplash Associated DisordersEarly Physiotherapy Intervention is important as most healing (90%) occurs in the first 6 to 8 weeks following an injury.

A doctor’s referral is required, after which we may obtain approval for treatment from your ICBC adjuster. Your treating therapist first evaluates the level of injury through a careful sequence of testing of movement, joint stability, muscle strength, and simple neurological tests. In most cases you can start simple exercises as early as a few days post accident.

Rehabilitation Program: When required we may recommend that you attend a rehabilitation program. Rehabilitation programs are administered jointly between Health First Physiotherapy at West 12th and Cambie and a local Kinesiology group. This combined approach ensures that you optimize your recovery time.

What is the long-term effect of an MVA injury?

The expected outcome of almost all soft tissue injuries related to motor vehicle accidents is a complete recovery. This will require that you take responsibility for and participate in your recovery. The importance of compliance with exercise prescription and recommendations from your Health First Physiotherapist or physician is directly related to the outcome of your injury recovery.