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Running Related Injury – ideas to stay in the clear

A recent article* discusses how a group of 200 runners surveyed revealed some key factors in the chances of developing running related injury (RRI). Firstly the most common type of injury reported was muscular soreness. The most common anatomical area was the knee. The key factor regarding training method was that high durations of training and speed training increases the chance of RRI and that interval training (defined as varying intensity and speed of running) determined a lesser chance of running injury. Another key finding was that previous RRI was a statistically significant factor in increasing the chance of a running related injury.

In the month of February, we are focussing running injuries. Watch for tips on running injury prevention, and ideas for successful rehabilitation of running related injuries or pain, and stay tuned for an announcement on our Runners Open Day to be held at Health First Physiotherapy Centre.

*Journal of Physiotherapy
Volume 59, Issue 4 , Pages 263-269, December 2013. Previous injuries and some training characteristics predict running-related injuries in recreational runners: a prospective cohort study

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