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Prescription Orthotics & Braces

Our comfortable waiting roomWe offer custom-fitted orthotics (insoles) and custom braces for ligament injuries and arthritic joint support.

  • BRACES: Custom and Off-the-shelf Breg® braces for Post-Operative support/protection, Ligament injury or Osteoarthritis. www.breg.com
  • PORTABLE JOINT ICE/COOLING SYSTEM: The Breg® Polar Care Kodiak. Intensive ice therapy for shoulders, knees and ankles. Ideal for acute injuries and post-operative application. www.breg.com
  • ORTHOTICS: Custom fitted Orthotics and Orthotic Sandals. www.theorthoticgroup.com
  • Hot and cold packs. www.warmbuddy.com
  • Exercise Balls
  • Elastic tubing/bands for easy exercise use